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Congratulations to our Janissen Electrics Team!

We are NECA WA’s first member to have our NECA HSEQ Management System successfully certified against ISO 45001:2018 and TQCSI QHSE Code: 2013.

Janissen Electric’s General Manager, Alina Aydt, spoke about the recent audit and how Janissen continue to develop and maintain an exemplary safety culture in their business.

(1) You have been using NECA’s HSEQ Management System in your business since March 2018 – how has using HSEQ impacted your business over the years?

Our safety culture has definitely changed, it is very much a safety-first culture with a genuine commitment to protecting or staff and clients. 

HSEQ has helped us to streamline processes and ensure we are leading by example. This helps us to identify and resolve safety issues before problems occur, leading to better outcomes for our clients and team members.

The processes and systems we have developed since implementing HSEQ in our business ensure that we are continually learning, reviewing and improving the way we work. 

(2) Congratulations on your recent certification. Did you notice any differences in this audit compared to previous audits under the old certification? 

Yes, there was a clear change in this year’s auditing process, as ISO 45001 is a more proactive risk-management based standard, requiring documented procedures for hazard and risk management. 

As per usual, the audit went smoothly and was well-organised thanks to Sue Gismondi and NECA.

(3) Why is having a certified safety management system important for your business?

At Janissen Electrics, the safety and wellbeing of our workers and clients are our top priority and we all have worked hard to foster a safety-first culture in the business. 

HSEQ has provided us with a tangible way of efficiently monitoring our health and safety system. To us, our work in this area is an investment and not a cost.