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Redcliffe Primary School Pirate Day ?

We are proud to be able to support and donate $750 to last weeks Pirate Day by The Kids’​ Cancer Project at Redcliffe Primary School to raise awareness and much-needed funds for childhood brain cancer.

This means a lot to Janissen’s as Darcey, the son our of Service Coordinator Dayle Parker, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2018.

Darcey has been lucky and the tumor hasn’t come back since which we are very grateful for!

About childhood brain cancer Stats for 2021:

  • Brain tumors are the most common form of solid tumors among children.
  • More children in Australia die of brain cancer than any other disease.
  • As with other tumors in kids and adults, surgery is the primary treatment. After that, surgery is usually followed by radiation treatment and/or chemotherapy.
  • Because a child’s brain is still developing, these treatments can result in more substantial and permanent side effects than they would for an adult.